All about our services and machinery

Broad range of (tailor-made) products

Our products vary from piston rods, axles and bushes for digging and demolition machines. But also gear wheels and cogs, drive axles for earthmoving machines, hinge pins for demolition machines and piston rods for hydraulic cylinders.

From small to large, from single series to large series

A significant share of our production process is automated. Products vary in weight from 10 grams to 5 tons and are produced in series ranging from 1 to 10,000 pieces in the engineering works or the induction hardening plant.

Engeneering works


  • VDF Boehringer Teach In (2x)
  • Emco Maxturn 110 x1500
  • Emco Hyperturn 95 x 1700


  • Zayer 20KF-300
  • Unisign Univers 6 I=3000


  • Radialbohrmaschinen
  • Tieflochboren Imax 475

Cylindrical drilling

  • Studer S33


  • 1x Low frequency 500 kW 1Khz
  • 2x Intermediate frequency 250 kW 6-10 Khz
  • 1x Intermediate frequency 100 kW 6-10 Khz
  • 1x High frequency 50 kW 200Khz
  • 1x High frequency 75 kW  200Khz
  • 1x Megafrequency 25 Kw 1000Khz

Stress relieving furnace

  • Max. temperature 600 °C

Annealing furnace

  • Max. temperature 1000 °C