Our products are so good because they are made by skilled profes-sionals. Specialists who master the entire metal machining process.

Like turning, milling, drilling and cylindrical grinding. They command the newest technologies and undergo regular training to keep up-to-date on innovative developments in their area of expertise.


Advanced Machinery

Our modern engineering works houses both conventional and advanced CNC-controlled machines. For turning and milling we have a capacity of 10 tons and a max-imum length of 2.7 m. We are one of the few machine shops in the Netherlands equipped for the drilling of lubrication holes with a diameter of 6 mm up to a length of 425 mm.


Fast, flexible, accurate

Our working practices are geared to effectiveness.You deal with a single contact in a small organisation with short lines of communication. Ask a question and you will receive an answer: complete, innovative and professional.Your product will be delivered on time. Achieving the highest guarantee remains our point of departure at all times. Our ambition is to be a reliable partner in your production process!


Broad market & broad expertise

Our clients mainly hail from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Well-represented sectors are drive technology, hydraulic industry, recycling, offshore, shipping, exca-vation works, paper production and agriculture.This broad range of demands has compelled us to develop our expertise in terms of both breadth and depth.