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Drive systems

Excavation and demolition – with tremendous force. Sabo Boxtel is an essential and efficient link in this chain.

There are various drive systems available: mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic. Many of the components used in this regard are either manufactured and/or machined by Sabo Boxtel – from minuscule to ginormous ones. Both in small and large series. With the ultimate in flexibility. Sabo Boxtel is absolutely unbeatable in this field.



Hydraulics with a thumping force, thanks to Sabo.

Sabo Boxtel is the leading expert in machining and manufacturing hydraulics products. All prime examples of specialised and high quality technology, including rods and pistons for bridge and crane components. The leading expert supplies top quality products. Always!



 Set sail safely with Sabo. High seas, tempests, heavy weather.

Things sometimes get rather rough and tough in the offshore industry. As an offshore operator, you have to be able to trust blindly on your products and components. Sabo therefore manufactures such offshore products with built-in primal strength. No sea is too high for Sabo!


Paper industry

Highly durable and super high tech.

The complicated process that leads to finished paper and cardboard products calls for the ultimate in technology. Millions of kilometres of paper glide over rods and rollers. And these simply cannot be susceptible to wear. Strong, highly durable and super high tech – those are the standards applicable at Sabo.



Innovations? Sabo is the expert in this regard. The processing of agricultural and horticultural produce is becoming increasingly innovative and efficient.

The components for the machinery required therefore have keep pace with the extremely rapid changes taking place in the sector. Sabo Boxtel continues to devise adequate solutions at every turn. And it is capable of achieving this due to its refined craftsmanship and short powerful lines within the business. The process invariably proceeds smoothly, swiftly, faultlessly and flexibly therefore.



The subtlety of recycling… Sabo is more familiar with the developments than anyone else.

Recovering raw materials from waste and rendering them suitable for reuse. A demolished building provides rubble for roadbuilding. Or extracted steel is recycled. This is carried out using almost indestructible heavy plant. Sabo Boxtel, the Netherlands’ largest induction hardening plant, vouches for technically perfect spare parts and components. Guaranteed as tough as they come.